Raves about Stephanie!

As a life coach and transformational guide, my intention and purpose is to guide and inspire others to enthusiastically embrace their dreams and claim their authentic lives.  

Here’s what people are saying about me:

Stephanie helped me go through a very difficult divorce with grace and ease. She erased my fear and turned it into “yes, I’m in control of me”. What I’ve learned from her has transformed my relationships, which surprisingly includes my ex-husband. She stopped the negative story in my head and connected me with my true authentic self. I had no idea that life could be this great! She keeps me on my path towards my dream and I’m am eternally grateful to have found her.

Joanne L.

Stephanie has the ability, and provides the comfort, to allow me to open up my true self. With gentle guidance, she has given me the much needed assistance for my own journey in this life. I feel safe working with her and am amazed each time we meet at how she knows exactly what I need even when I don’t know myself. Stephanie is pure love and clear light.

Jeannie L.

Thank you for being my light in a pitch black maze.  Because of you I have moved out of my fear and now live my life in joy, love, peace and fun!  Because of you I am on the other side and the sun is rising on all the dreams I once believed impossible.  Thank you for guiding me to believe in me!  Without you I couldn’t have climbed this mountain and turned the fire breathing dragon into a good friend.

J.W., Park City, UT

As someone who has her own Energy Healing practice, I can tell you that without question the Chakra Clearing CD is invaluable to my spiritual balance and inner guidance when I run sessions.  I often have clients booked throughout the day and it’s essential that I remain balanced in my energy.  I meditate to Stephanie’s CD between sessions and find that I can deliver deeper results to clients by using this profound tool.

 Melissa Nikolai, Certified LifeLine Practitioner, Park City, UT

In the past I have gone to therapy to work through childhood hurts and relationship woes. Even with progress, residual pain and resentment remained. However, in just a few coaching sessions with Stephanie Barton, I was able to move the negative energy attached to my issues. I no longer hear the negative self-talk that used to plague my thoughts. With Stephanie’s guidance I have learned to value myself, recognize my gifts, and act on them! Her constant encouragement and support has strengthened my sense of purpose. I no longer see myself drifting through life. Now life is abundant with opportunities!

Pam S.

The energy work I have done with Stephanie has transformed not only the way I feel about myself, but also how I make important decisions in my daily life. She has been able to open parts of my soul that I didn’t even know existed. Through the work we are doing, I am able to allow energy and light to flow through allowing parts of me to wake up and be listened to, some for the first time ever. I have learned to quiet my always-chattering head and open my heart – a part of me that can provide wonderful guidance, if only given the chance.

K.M., Park City, UT

As a holistic healer, I love recommending Stephanie’s CD to my clients. Listening to her soothing voice has become part of their daily routines and helps speed healing on so many levels!

Carina Bauchman, Reiki Master, Park City, UT