The Life Dream Coaching process entails some powerful, effective techniques to help you learn how to “consciously” create the reality you want. It is very important that you be honest with yourself and me through this process. The value is immense when you can drop your guard and be completely truthful. Know you are safe with me. If you are truly on board, this will be effortless and fun.

All along the way, I will be assisting you with appropriate, insightful processes which will enhance and accelerate you toward your goals. With my objective, sincere, and positive intention behind you, I know you will SOAR! I’ve watched it and experienced it for myself and my belief in this work is unwavering. I look forward to lovingly supporting you on your journey to everything you desire and deserve.

Following is an outline of how things could unfold:


We go through a series of questions identifying things in your life that you know you want and things you know you absolutely don’t want. We then are able to take a look at where we can begin to clear out mental, physical, and energetic clutter to make room for the good stuff!


We check in and identify barriers, beliefs, memories and emotions that are hindering you from creating the life you want. You have no idea what exists between you and your dreams until you give them a platform to present themselves.


We clear out any unwanted circumstances by creating supportive habits that promote self love and do away with any energy leaks that you may have in your life. You’ll discover how reclaiming your truth and honoring yourself will actually serve all you come in contact with.


We create an action plan for positive change. I hold you accountable and support you through non-working behaviors which may show up in an attempt to sabotage your dreams. (This is the step that often frightens people, but if your desire comes from your truth, it is easy and effortless knowing you have the support you need).

I offer a variety of packages customized for  your needs. Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions about which package is appropriate for you!


  • One session in person, over the phone, or Skype.
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  • 3 one-hour sessions in person, over the phone, or Skype.
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  • 4 one-hour sessions in person, over the phone, or Skype.
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  • Group Coaching — a great way to grow with people you care about and learn in a group consciousness.  Groups of three for one-hour session.
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: Intensify Your Healing With Carina Bachman and Stephanie Barton :

3 one-hour sessions in person, over the phone, or Skype.

An initial session with Stephanie will help you identify nonworking behaviors and beliefs that may be keeping you from being your best self.  She will guide you to a powerful breakthrough and paradigm shift that will unlock your journey to authenticity and joy.  Gain energetic awareness and tools to navigate your life in happiness through Stephanie’s intuitive, light hearted approach.

An intensive intuitive holistic healing session with Carina where she addresses all aspects of you on every level, exploring and healing whatever is out of alignment in your life. Profound deep healing occurs on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, leading you back to your path towards optimal health, happiness, peace and wellbeing.

A final session with Stephanie to help you clarify your direction and step into your potential.  Move forward fearlessly with your new awareness and bolster positive change as you embrace your authenticity.

Carina Bachman is an intuitive holistic counselor, healer and spiritual life guide who utilizes her abilities as a Reiki Master/Teacher, ThetaHealer, medical intuitive, empathic healer, medium and ordained minister to facilitate profound, deep healing of issues related to physical, mental and emotional pain. Working internationally, she employs an extensive range of spiritual and energy healing methods in one-on-one or long distance sessions specifically tailored to each client’s needs, focusing on the mind-body-spirit connection to achieve healing on every level.


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