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For more than 25 years, I have been immersed in the field of human development, helping people realize their full potential by honoring their dreams and visions. I am the founder of Life Dream Coaching, an international practice originally based in Park City, UT and recently relocated to Kailua-Kona, HI.  I teach self-expansion courses through Continuing Education as well as my own workshops and retreats.

I use my experience and intuitive abilities in helping you gracefully navigate your life through challenging transitions.  Whether you are experiencing a mid-life crisis, a divorce or break-up, a career change, or you simply need to re-examine your spirituality and life purpose, I will help guide you to the authentic answers within and provide proven tools to make corrections in your course.  By recognizing and activating your ability to create your reality, you will find a new fresh outlook and perception that will permeate every aspect of your life.

Executives and entrepreneurs seek my guidance when they are ready to redefine the direction of their careers and businesses.  My ability to listen and identify core values and truth shines new perspectives to help move the client to a more fulfilling, successful, and balanced work life.

Truth seekers discover the path to step into the highest version of themselves.  In blending professional life coaching techniques with energy work, I help clients unlock the mysteries preventing them from living their life at full capacity.  As the creator of the “I AM Energy Clearing” guided meditation and CD, I am dedicated to helping people around the globe claim personal power and connection through energetic awareness.  Some of the techniques used to assist clients achieve positive growth and results are NLP, Gestalt Therapy, EFT, mind mapping, heart coherence, value setting, and chakra clearing.

My passion for fulfillment is derived from my own zest for life. Always a searcher, I have found meaning and light in what I do, from travel and exploring other cultures to the deep examination of spirituality.  I share my excitement for life with my clients to gently guide them to find their personal version of success, healing and joy.  Overcoming my own life challenges and getting the lessons of mid-life have given me perspective and deep empathy for those who are struggling to find the gifts through the pain.  I am passionate about assisting with mid-life transcendence.

Clients contact me when they tire of the self-made obstacles standing in their own paths, when they want their hearts to sing with passion, when they want to finally be accountable for their own dreams and goals, and when it’s time for core healing. I offer a safe, comfortable space for clients to move toward breakthroughs.

I have an expansive background in the healing arts as a Certified Life Coach, Transformation Guide, Energy Healer, Dream Analyst, Reiki Master, and Ordained Priestess.

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Several weeks ago I had a vivid, heart racing dream about a cheetah.  Actually, two cheetahs.  I know from past experience that if I see more than one of the same animal in my dreams, there is a deep message and strong animal medicine for me.  Therefore, I pay close attention.  I love listening to […]

Stepping Into A Brand New Life

Here we go!  Have you noticed that we are entering into a brand new way of being on this planet?  In Chinese astrology 2013 is the “Year of the White Snake” which means we are all entering into a completely new life, not just a new chapter.  Since the 2012 doomsday has come and gone, […]

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Welcome to my blog!  Please check back often for updates, thoughts, and inspiration! Love & Light, Stephanie

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