Workshops. Private Coaching. Group Sessions

Workshops. Private Coaching. Group Sessions

Life Coaching with Stephanie

Are you ready to step into your dynamic, authentic life?  Tired of sleep walking through your days?  Skills you will acquire through professional life coaching processes and techniques include:

  • Gain work-life balance
  • Improve communication skills
  • Create a customized life plan


Personal Coaching

You can change your life!  I can guide you to clear reoccurring patterns in your life as well as help you recognize and change self sabotaging subconscious beliefs.  Through the process you will claim:

  • Self development and personal growth
  • Career guidance and business goals
  •  Success in life


Spiritual Healing

Learn how to engage your inner wisdom and listen to the answers waiting to be discovered within you.  You are not broken.  You do not need to be fixed.  We will focus on everything that is right in you.  You can create:

  • Powerful transformation
  • Spiritual growth through forgiveness
  • Awareness